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What CamChatting is: CamChatting is a personal website, not a commercial one, which has existed since late 1999. CamChatting is used by people who want an easy way to get their webcams up onto the Internet either in streaming or still image format.

CamChatting has persisted and survived because of the few people who have placed their webcams on the site and then returned again and again and have become familiar with the other camchatters at the site; CamChatting, therefore, is a place where people make long term Internet friendships. The heart of CamChatting is the message board which allows people to converse with all of the members of CamChatting, thus bringing everyone together as one.

What CamChatting is not: CamChatting is not a "one-on-one" private webcam chatting site where people find other people interested in one-on-one chatting and then create private rooms with one another - there are plenty of other sites on the Internet for that purpose. Other things CamChatting is not:

  • A cybersex website
  • An exhibitionist website
  • A voyeur webcam site
If you are looking for any of those things, go here: Adult Webcam Chat

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